Commissioned Songs

People occasionally commission me to write in-universe songs for their projects. This is really the most fun thing I ever get to do: imagine I’m living in another world and write a song from the point of view of someone in that world.

One of the main characters of this BBC1 / Netflix show plays another character his favourite song of all time. (No pressure.) Director Luke Snellin asked me to write a textural, almost ambient, 9-minute long piece of music to fit the scene and the contours of the edit. But it also had to feel like it was a real piece of music that could exist in the world in its own right.

A song from a fictional musical about the life and death of a cow, co-written with the film’s director, comedian Simon Amstell and performed by Sam Spiro.

As well as the score to this lovely BBC 3 comedy pilot, I also wrote an in-universe boy-band song, a theme song for the title sequence, and produced a cover of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (sung by the show’s creators) for the credits sequence.

A promotional song for a fictional brand of beer, written mostly in UK Midlands slang.

A Kraftwerk-inspired love song to the in-game car driven by the player.

The theme music to a fictional cheesy 70s sitcom plays over the credits of this comedy/horror short.