Complete Discography

Jeremy Warmsley – American Daydream (2022)Prod / mix / wrote
Summer Camp – Romantic Comedy (2020)Prod/mix/co-wrote
Jeremy Warmsley – A Year (2019)Prod/mix/wrote
Summer Camp – Christmas EP (2015)Prod / mix / co-wrote
Summer Camp – Bad Love (2015)Prod/mix/co-wrote
Emperor Yes – An Island Called Earth (2014)Co-prod with the band
Summer Camp – Beyond Clueless (2014)Prod/mix/co-wrote
Summer Camp – Summer Camp (2013)Co-prod with Stephen Street/co-wrote
Summer Camp – Welcome To Condale (2011)Co-prod with Steve Mackey/co-wrote
Summer Camp – Young EP (2010)Prod / co-wrote
Jeremy Warmsley – How We Become (2008)Co-prod with Markus Dravs/wrote
Jeremy Warmsley The Art Of Fiction (2006)Prod/mix/wrote
Emmy The Great – Secret Circus (2005)Prod / mix