Music for Film and TV

For this creepy is-it-haunted-or-is-it-people British horror starring Rafiella Chapman, I tried to summon a contemporary horror ambience using only acoustic instruments – piano, classical guitar, string quartet and voice – to reflect the ruined grandeur of the house where the film is set.
Soundtrack released by Ninja Tune.

“The score brings an air of paranoia and suspense. The music can also be beautiful at times. “ – AIPT / “Make an effort to see it on the big screen, to really savour the score” – Horrified Magazine / “Jeremy Warmsley’s score also adds to the overall feeling of menace.”  – Starburst Magazine / “suitably ominous” – The Aisle Seat / “authentically jarring” – Bloody Flick

This delightful BBC Three comedy pilot, written by and starring Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson and based on the hit Edinburgh show, is a hilarious show about two best friends – one of whom happens to have a brain tumour (who the pair name Britney).

The show incorporates jumps from genre to genre and has moments of unexpected visual flair, which the score occasionally reflects, but we also felt it was important that underpinning all the emotional scenes was something with a sense of consistency. I used acoustic guitars, light percussion and a smattering of orchestral instruments to evoke a wistful, pastoral sensibility.

I composed the theme to this madcap sci-fi dystopia, directed by Chino Moya and starring Kate Dickie and Tanya Reynolds. (“A visionary dystopian anthology” – The Guardian). I went for a synthwave take on a baroque Bach-esque atmosphere, which seemed to work with the black humour of the film. The theme was also used in the trailer.
Soundtrack available on Invada Records.

For this documentary about the genre, the brief was to compose something with a sense of drifting, dreamlike beauty – without ever sounding like the music came from an actual romantic comedy. The full score includes several songs by my band Summer Camp.
Soundtrack available on Moshi Moshi Records

For this wonderful Netflix/BBC 1 co-production, written by Nick Payne and starring Zawe Ashton, Toni Colette and Stephen Mackintosh I was asked to write a piece of music that would start as a diegetic song that the characters in the scene listen to, but gradually transition into score to cover the next few scenes of the show.

I eventually released the song as a single, and it went on to be easily my most popular track, with over a million plays on Spotify.

This soundtrack for an experimental horror film is an exercise in texture and atomsphere. There’s hardly any melody, and the moods shift quickly between different cues as the film plays out.

“The film also boasts a cracking score by Summer Camp’s Jeremy Warmsley” – Little White Lies

An homage to the classic teen movies of the 90s and 00s, I wanted to write something that felt nostalgic and full of life. Like the soundtracks to those films, it should be stylistically quite varied, comprising everything from grinding industrial rock to 80s disco. Again, the soundtrack includes several songs by my band Summer Camp.
Soundtrack available on Moshi Moshi Music

“The superb soundtrack builds into a suitably steamy crescendo.” The Guardian