I’ve been putting the final touches to my score for Fear Itself, the new film from Charlie Lyne, director of Beyond Clueless. I also collaborated with Eleanor McDowall of Falling Tree on a radio piece for ABC and recorded something for her Radio 4 series, Short Cuts.

Midlake – Banman and Slivercork

For some reason being in a tour van always makes me want to listen to this record.


I’ve been following showrunner Bryan Fuller ever since he got Andy Partridge of XTC to compose the theme to his first show Wonderfalls, and Hannibal is his greatest creation yet.  The music (by Brian Reitzell) is just out of this world; I never knew drums could be so terrifying. There’s also this blog detailing the food design.

Gene Wolfe – The Torturer’s Shadow

This rather arcane novel has such a complicated vocabulary that someone published a dictionary. But once I got past that there’s an incredibly lush & detailed world to explore.

Forbidden Planet

This looks incredibly modern, but as a film it’s very much a product of the 50’s – there are some rather un-PC scenes. The soundtrack is very interesting though.

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