This month, we (Summer Camp) toured the UK in what was easily our best & most fun UK tour ever. And we’ve been working on some new songs for a Summer Camp Christmas EP.

Fear Itself, an experimental film essay about horror movies that I scored, came out on BBC iPlayer.

Rival Consoles – Howl

My favourite new electronic artist. So minimal – every element is perfectly placed. This tune is off his previous Sonne EP:

I saw The Martian and Sicario – two beautiful films with incredible scores by Harry Gregson and Johann Johannson, respectively. I loved this interview with Harry Gregson on Song Exploder.

Gravity Falls, favourite new animated series, really got going in Season Two. A wonderfully playful score by Brad Breeck, formerly of the Mae Shi (!!!!!)

I’ve been rediscovering the Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K LeGuin, after this lovely piece by the author David Mitchell.

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